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2016-05-28 Dublin Photomarathon (Digital)

Swathi Pillay - Dublin in the Coming Times

Dublin in the Coming Times

Photographer 182805 Swathi Pillay
Event Dublin Photomarathon (Digital)
Theme 2. Dublin in the Coming Times
Date 2016-05-28
Views 298
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<img src="http://photomarathon.eu/s/2231/640/427/" />

File name 182805_02.jpg
Taken 2016:05:28 08:29:28
Digitized 2016:05:28 08:29:28
Date/Time 2016:05:28 08:29:28
Model NIKON D3300
Exposure 10/3200
Aperture f/14.0
ISO 800
Size 6000 x 4000